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All assets are made by me, referencing from other existing pictures.

  • Background:

(Note: As a "fanfiction" for Fate/Grand Order)

The world is invaded by a gigantic alien tree which seems to continuously grow and spread its seedlings unto the Earth. Jing Ke, the Chinese assassin servant must help her master (you) to get close enough to the tree to throw magical powder into its hollow. You must help her get through this platformer of puzzles to reach the end.

  • Abilities and Usage:

- Use A & D keys to move left and right respectively.

- Spacebar is for Jump (you can wall climb endlessly).

- Q Key warps the player to the Ruined Dimension (the dimension the player starts in).

- E Key warps the player to the Corrupted Dimension (the dimension with a white coloured theme).

- W Key makes the player throw a knife in the direction they are looking (horizontal).

- S Key makes the player interact with pressure plates (to activate them).

Have fun discovering the rest of the game!


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My third game, as a fan-made game for Fate/Grand Order, also for a school project. Please provide your feedback if you enjoyed the game or not in the comments!